‘Occupational Physiotherapy, Workplace Training & Office Design’

PHW Group Pty Ltd are a national Injury Prevention consulting firm based in Melbourne, Australia.

We specialise in promoting Productive, Healthy workplaces and helping organisations to transform the way they do business.

Our emphasis is strong financial return for our partners who invest in utilising our services. The link between health and productivity is well established and forms the foundation of all we do.

Founded in 2014, PHW Group builds on many years’ experience in the field of health and wellbeing for workplaces.

We provide services and products for workplaces on scales both large and small. Our skilled and experienced providers are located across Australia and New Zealand, and have expertise in many areas, primarily in physiotherapy, training, organizational psychology, health and safety consulting, and group facilitation.

Review our website to see what we can offer, and please contact us to find out more.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.25.32 pmPHW Group has a team of health professionals throughout the nation that provide quality service under our guidance and high standards.

We use local providers throughout Australia and New Zealand to ensure our advice is based on local knowledge and understanding. This policy helps keep our rates consistent and is consistent with our sustainability values and policies.

PHW group’s team consists of Occupational Physiotherapists, Group Facilitators and Organisational Psychologists who have done further study and training in the field of workplace health, injury prevention and productivity enhancement.

PHW group also has an administration and accounts team to handle all your requests. All members of the PHW Group team are passionate in ensuring there work results in a more productive and healthier workplace and driven by the companies vision and mission as outlined below;

Vision: Leading experts partnering with business to create productive healthy workplaces.

Mission: We partner with organisations to proactively achieve realistic change in creating productive, healthy workplaces.


David is passionate about promoting health, productivity and teamwork in organisations. With a unique background in Occupational Health Physiotherapy and Group Facilitation, David takes a holistic approach to his work and loves what he does.

David heads the Productivity and Teamwork division for PHW Group. The foundation of this work are Training programs targeted at managers and focused on Communication Skills, Group Facilitation skills and more.

David also provides guidance and mentoring for the Health and Wellbeing division of PHW Group with many years experience in this field. In 2016 he became the National chair of the APA Occupational Health Physiotherapist Association after many years engagement as the Victorian chair of this group.

This role involves working in collaboration with a strong National committee in setting standards of practice in Occupational Health consulting for Health Professionals who work in this field. This includes a strong training and mentoring role with the Australian Physiotherapy Association members.

David has strong skills at working in partnership with organisations to see new possibilities in building healthier, happier and stronger teams at work.

Ryan is passionate about using space design to improve health and productivity for businesses.

Named in 2016s top 30 Entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in Australia, Ryan’s role within PHW Group is as Business director. As a Physiotherapist, board member in large business and Entrepreneur, Ryan has extensive experience in the occupational rehabilitation setting and business. He combines this in consulting in a realistic and business focused manner conscious of the needs of organisations.

Ryan is an engaged member of Australian Physiotherapy Occupational Health Physiotherapist Association Committee and the Victorian Graduate Committee with roles that include presenting, training and mentoring for health professionals in the occupational health field. He is also a lecturer with Melbourne University for the school of Physiotherapy in the unit of Leadership and Management.

Ryan is energetic and has an eye for possibilities and opportunity in how to facilitate innovation and partnerships to make the most of client’s valuable resources and time.

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