PHW Group offers the following service offerings:

PHW Partnership program

Introductory offer

  • Features up to 1 hour on site consultation / observation
  • Free for all sites within 30 mins of CBD
  • Obligation Free

Simple one page checklist report including suggested risk management solutions at no cost and at cost

  • “Services on demand“
  • Ergonomic Seminar (includes free ergonomic DVD)
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Health and Safety Risk assessments
  • Workplace Seminars

Simple easy action reports that vary for different services
Consistent hourly rate 

  • “Partnership for real change”
  • On site Physiotherapy services
  • Tailored Injury prevention strategy to reduce premiums
  • Workplace design consultancy
  • Workplace training packages inc. Train the trainer
  • Induction packages

Regular reports and meetings with site contacts
Rates to be negotiated

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