What is it?

Occupational Physiotherapy is a great starting point in your partnership with PHW Group. It is a quick and cost effective way to make improvements that prevent injuries in your workplace.

Occupational Physiotherapy consists of the following services:

On-site Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy consultations and treatment delivered at your workplace.
Perfect for preventing injuries before they turn into a Work Cover case.

Generally recommended to occur on a weekly or fortnightly basis for a half or full day of on-site treatment.

Ergonomic Assessments

Workplace ergonomic assessments conducted to optimise the productivity
of a workstation. Perfect for minimising the risk of injuries to the neck, back and other areas.

This service ranges from 15 min screenings through to full specialized assessments.

Health & Wellbeing Promotion

These can include seminars, exercise sessions on site, back and posture screenings, and much more.

Occupational therapy


Allens Operations Pty Ltd (Aust) 
– Australia wide (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth)

Required a consistent and cost effective national provider of ergonomic and Occupational Physiotherapy services.


  • Ergonomic Train The Trainer programs run across all the sites nationally to bolster internal capacity to manage Ergonomic reviews.
  • Review and improvement of resources and checklists used to educate workers re. health and wellbeing.
  • Brief educational ergonomic screenings conducted for staff moving into new working areas.
  • Individual detailed ergonomic assessments conducted throughout the sites nationally by Occupational Health Physiotherapists for workers experiencing pain and injury, requiring expert advice and intervention.


  • Decreased business costs through use of a consistent provider and more effective management.
  • Improved internal capability to handle more ergonomic reviews and queries, hence reduced number of external ergonomic reviews required.
  • Consistent service provided across all sites regarding ergonomic advice and recommendations.
  • Endorsement of the initial 12 month intervention and continued partnership for an additional 12 months.


Early Childhood Intervention Australia

Sedentary nature of work and lack of awareness regarding ergonomics among the team.

Brief educational ergonomic screenings conducted for staff along with a seminar conducted including use of Therabands to promote movement. The recommendations from this were followed up by the organisation at the PHW discounted rate.

Pre and post intervention follow ups with the staff.

Reported improvement in neck pain (approx. 30% reduction) and improvement in the reported culture of movement and physical activity (approx. 20% improvement) from this basic intervention.

“PHW Group delivered an informative and down to earth group training session followed by 1:1 ergo assessments. As a result, staff are now equipped with appropriate equipment and information to avoid injury whilst at work. The overall service provided by PHW group was excellent and the pre and post assessments reflect this.”

Heidi De Paoli,
Chief Executive Officer ECIA

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