What is it?

The latest health research states “sitting is the new smoking?” Whilst this might come across as an extreme statement the reality is we now know of many ill health effects of prolonged sitting. These include but are not limited to low back pain, musculoskeletal injuries, heart and lung issues and even reduced life expectancy.

At PHW, we decided to be proactive about this. We use ‘health focused design’ to create office environments that promote movement, enhance productivity and improve workplace performance.

Using our partnerships with numerous national ergonomic furniture suppliers, the implementation of sit and stand desks, functional break out areas and promotion of dynamic working environments, we can help you create a workplace that your people will enjoy when coming to work.

Ultimately, the end goal is to improve productivity, staff retention and
reduce injuries.

This design method resulted in a national award as one of the 100 SMART Innovations of 2016.

Our Health Focused Office Design consists of:

  • Undergoing a needs and workforce analysis.
  • Developing a design brief and proposal package from our silver, gold or platinum options.
  • Access to our PHW ergonomic furniture suppliers with PHW specific discounts on prices, saving you from the outset.
  • Follow up measurement strategies post implementation at 3, 6 and 12-month intervals.

Always aiming to be on the forefront, we have built a 10 workstation and 3 breakout area showcase example of our health focused design in our offices in Richmond, Victoria.

Office design


Inspire 9

Current Workplace design not encouraging movement and reducing productivity.

Silver package of Health Focused design:
Using a blended model of sit and stand work stations coupled with stationary ergonomic workstations and dynamic workplace break out areas.

The following was built:
10 workstation cluster of 4 sit and stand and 6 stationary ergonomic workstations 3 breakout meeting spaces.

Design subtleties to increase movement throughout the space.

Health Focused Design awarded an Australian Anthill SMART100 Innovations of 2016.

“I’m happy with everything PHW Group have done to re-design our space. Their Health Focused design showcase is now a major feature of our space and the feedback from the businesses using it has been amazing. I highly recommend PHW Group and we will continue to partner with them in the future.”

Mark Bella,
CEO Inspire 9


Australian Physiotherapy Association National office, Victoria

Employees stuck sitting for prolonged periods at work. A high prevalence of aches and pains associated with this sedentary nature of the work.

Bronze package:
Training promoting more standing and movement at work combined with Therabands being provided for all staff.

Minor infrastructure changes including changing meeting rooms to standing and implementing two height adjustable desks as an option for workers looking to change posture.

Pre and post intervention follow ups with the staff.

Reported improvement in wellbeing culture by 13% from this basic intervention. Also minor improvements in both sitting time and reported aches and pains despite the small scale of the intervention.

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