PHW Group Workplace Training sessions can help facilitate positive change for your organisation as a stand alone service or in combination with our other service offers.

The Training programs can be tailored to your needs, and most commonly involve one of these four areas:

Health and Wellbeing Seminars

Anywhere from 15 minutes to a full day – a range of topics available to
promote healthy teams at work.

Manual Handling Training

Promote safer and more productive working practices for those with roles
including manual tasks.

Group Facilitation and Communication Skills

Promote stronger teamwork, collaboration and communication amongst
your managers and working teams.

Our next public course is in Melbourne on Sunday 25 Feb 2018 – see here for details.

Ergonomics: Train the Trainer Program

For clients keen to focus on building internal capabilities to educate internal work station assessors and respond more effectively to worker requests for Ergonomic review.

Workplace Training


Group Facilitation and Communication Skills Training
UPG 2016

The team were often conducting training sessions and not always able to engage the participants as well as required.

A two hour interactive training session on “Group Facilitation and Communication Skills.”


Overall Average 21.6%
A significant improvement in all areas was noted. The two biggest areas of
improvement related to increased confidence when planning ahead of time and understanding the need not to block participants but instead to acknowledge them.


Manual Handling Training
WE-EF Lighting 2010 -2015

High prevalence of Manual Handling related injuries.

Training over a number of years at regular intervals designed to raise awareness about Manual handling risks and improve the communication and culture around safety at work.

“Awareness has improved in what should be done to avoid injury. Definitely helped to reduce the incidences of injury &/or complaints of.”

Wayne North,
Operations Manager WE-EF

“They are now doing their exercises each morning and are really aware of their lifting limitations!!”

David Wilson,
Compliance Manager WE-EF

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